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What are the best museums to visit in New York City?

I lived in Manhattan for over four years and enjoyed many visits to The Met (Museum of Art) and the Frick. The collection at the Met is vast and a visitor can literally spend days and days exploring the many rooms and chambers. The Rooftop Bar is also fabulous; a great place to enjoy a drink and the...
James Corey answered this on Jan 23, 2013 Posted in NYC4 answers — Last reply 9 months ago

What is a good place in North America for a family vacation?

It really depends on what your family likes.  For some families, usually those with just parents and kids, Disney is fine but it might be too much for grandparents and some people want to see things other than just go on ride after ride after ride - seeing the world is an amazing thing.  ...
Kaleidoscope Acres answered this on Feb 27, 2013 Posted in United States of America3 answers — Last reply 9 months ago

Which are the four major destinations of the world where one can see the BIG Five? Is there a Canadian firm offering this package?

Countries in Africa where you can see the Big Five are:  Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Democratic Republic of the Congo.  However, the rhino is getting difficult to spot in Botswana. The big five consist of the lion, African elephant, black rhino, leopa...
Teresa Conti answered this on Apr 23, 2013 Posted in 2 answers — Last reply 9 months ago

What is your all-time favorite beach destination?

answered this on Dec 31, 1969 Posted in Hawaii2 answers — Last reply 9 months ago

How can I find the best fare for an itinerary that takes place tomorrow? All travel agents provide really high fares..

From past experience I really know what you mean about the short-notice meaning high fares, but I tend to use Momondo, a Danish search engine which has local sites (UK, USA, France, etc.) They always seem to find the best itineraries for any location around the world and they search through all onli...
Joe Worthington answered this on Jan 24, 2013 Posted in Travel Booking Tools3 answers — Last reply 9 months ago

What is the best website to use when searching for cheap flight tickets?

Once I found cheap tickets from these websites: and the tickets are extremely cheap, go to these websites and give yourself a try.
ita hatori answered this on Feb 14, 2013 Posted in Travel Booking Tools3 answers — Last reply 9 months ago

Are travel agents better than the booking websites?

In the recent past, booking for a vacation online has become a popular option. This is because it offers an online platform for comparing prices and this ensures that you get the best deals.  However, using a travel agent has its own advantages particularly if you are going to a place that ...
gerald matiri answered this on Aug 1, 2013 Posted in Travel Booking Tools2 answers — Last reply 9 months ago

Comparison costs for flights only to Australia

answered this on Dec 31, 1969 Posted in Travel Booking Tools1 answer — Last reply 9 months ago

What are some of the precautions one should take to counter wound infection?

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farin luck answered this on May 23, 2017 Posted in Health & Medical Advice3 answers — Last reply 10 months ago

What's the best cheap mail merge tool for sending mass emails?

Looking for a reliable tool that does not cost a lot (like under $100 per month) which will allow me to send mass emails.
Sammy Jenkins asked this on Apr 21, 2017 Posted in Email Marketing0 answers

Where can I download chore chart for kids?

There are many sites where you can download the stuff, just Google them out. Well it takes time to learn something but screening them on boards with proper diagrams and flowcharts make it quite easy. Children learn and grab those things quickly which they are seeing every day. So, the best way to ...
Luis Velasco answered this on Feb 11, 2017 Posted in Baby Educational Products2 answers — Last reply 13 months ago

Are there any toothbrushes available that are meant for a single use and are available for a reasonable price?

Check out the reviews by Groom + Style, for the top 5 best electrical toothbrushes.
Lisa Fitzgerald answered this on Jan 29, 2017 Posted in 3 answers — Last reply 14 months ago

Need you help to submit article on

I also got same issues for the article submission. Thank you Andrew Buston Travel Expert
voyages Booth answered this on Dec 30, 2016 Posted in Tech Support10 answers — Last reply 15 months ago

What are the best ways of getting free and loyal Twitter followers?

Twitting can be a common social media marketing in which people can easily submit quick on the web emails called "tweets. inches Content can easily include at the most 160 heroes and so are absolve to some other Twitting people around the globe. As well as used in exclusive marketing and sales commu...
rifat bin answered this on Nov 14, 2016 Posted in 2 answers — Last reply 16 months ago

Can pandawill will ship a phone as a gift pack to india

Do not buy anything. Lemme repeat anything from them. Those guys are jsut looting people. Their after sale service is worse than the samosa vala in Indian streets. They took my money and cellphone never came. Now here am without my money and the mobile phone.
Jamez nair answered this on Aug 6, 2016 Posted in Electronics Parts & Supply2 answers — Last reply 20 months ago

What are the best sites that pay writers at least $40 per article?

While I may not promise, try the following:
Wyclef Magara answered this on Jul 21, 2016 Posted in Article Writing Sites1 answer — Last reply 21 months ago

Am new on this site where do I submit my articles from anybody help?

Apparently, this is still happening as of June 2016. Hmmmmmmm....
Missy Lowe answered this on Jun 24, 2016 Posted in 8 answers — Last reply 22 months ago

Will Autodesk work on Apple Products?

Yes. Autodesk have several softwares such as AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Maya, Alias AutoStudio, Alias Design, Smoke etc for Mac operating comptaible products. These softwares will help to 3D modelling, visual effects, animation, rendering and digital imaging works. These products are worked on Mac by ints...
Tona Sam answered this on Jun 20, 2016 Posted in 3D Modeling & CAD1 answer — Last reply 22 months ago

Can handicapped get arms licence in india

asked this on Oct 30, 2014 Posted in 0 answers

What are some of your favorite online meetings tools, and what do you like about them?

How I Got My Ex Husband Back........... I am Shannon by name. Greetings to every one that is reading this testimony. I have been rejected by my husband after three(3) years of marriage just because another woman had a spell on him and he left me and the kid to suffer. one day when i was reading thr...
Shannon8 Smith answered this on May 21, 2016 Posted in Web Conferencing Tools4 answers — Last reply 23 months ago

If I read the bible would that make me a better person?

If you read the Bible, it can make you a better person, but it is not an automatic thing. There are many people who read the Bible but they have not become better people. But, if you ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your heart and show you how to see HIM in the Bible so you can become a better...
d Yvonne Shotwell answered this on Mar 12, 2016 Posted in Christian Products & Services2 answers — Last reply 25 months ago

What does it mean when you dream about two trees?

Could it be that you are experiencing a discouraging time in your life right now? (Or during this time since it has been almost 1 year since you have dreamed this. I am praying that you are now living victoriously) But even in the midst of your discouragement and fear, God is showing you that there ...
d Yvonne Shotwell answered this on Mar 12, 2016 Posted in Christian Products & Services2 answers — Last reply 25 months ago

I need my ex back what do i do

This is my testimony about the good work of a man who helped me..My name is OLIVIA DEAN. and I am based in London , UK. My life is back!!! After 8 years of marriage, my husband left me  with our three children. I felt like my life was about to end,and was falling apart. Thanks to a spell caster...
ruth Wayne answered this on Mar 10, 2016 Posted in Website Security2 answers — Last reply 25 months ago

How to comfort dejected 6-year-old niece over schoolmates unfriendliness?

The best thing you can do to your niece is to organize play dates for her, I know shes way to older for that, but they could be in the form of study sessions togther or make her join some exra curricular classes or personality develpoment classes, so that she will become more confident and bold.
Rita Oberlander answered this on Mar 1, 2016 Posted in 1 answer — Last reply 26 months ago

Full Tilt Enters The Live Casino Market

Excellent post, I agree with you 100%! I’m always scouring the Internet for new information and learning whatever I can, and in doing so I sometimes leave comments on blogs. <a href="">agen taruhan bola</a>
dewa sbo answered this on Jan 26, 2016 Posted in Foosball & Game Tables2 answers — Last reply 27 months ago

What details do i need to provide so that my payoneer card can reach me

You will need to provide your real physical address. But in my own case i provided my real physical address but the the card never reach me until when i use DHL shipping option which cosy $60 because i reside outside USD then. For USA resident the cost is aound $20. The fund i used for my shipping c...
sani lawal answered this on Jan 16, 2016 Posted in 1 answer — Last reply 27 months ago

What is/are your favorite quit smoking technique/s?

The most inportant thing is to take in lesser quantity from beginning then slowly try to avoid it .It's really difficult to quit smoking but it is also not impossible .Yopu need to be dedicated and more strict towards your decision .One of my friend took help of organic seed that is natural and also...
jason looney answered this on Jan 11, 2016 Posted in Quit Smoking Products2 answers — Last reply 27 months ago

Has anyone received their wigs from

Tell You How to Choose Lace Wigs. help you achieve a beautiful natural hair style
Maxwell Lois answered this on Sep 7, 2015 Posted in 2 answers — Last reply 28 months ago

I'm looking for a hand sanitizer that is natural and doesn't contain alcohol. What is the best option?

Klenza is an alcohol-free hand sanitizer with a unique foam-based formulation.This means Klenza is exceptionally gentle, non-flammable and safe for children.Klenza works on your hands for 3 hours*. Klenza uses pure Silver, a natural substance, which controls the growth of germs without harmful ...
peter Pal answered this on Dec 15, 2015 Posted in Hygiene3 answers — Last reply 28 months ago

I have just signed up to knoji and wish to write product reviews and other articles. How do i do that?

I have the same issue, I am new and cant find the option to publish my article.
Gemma Mclayne answered this on Dec 14, 2015 Posted in 20 answers — Last reply 29 months ago

How do you deal with an angry customer?

Always bear in mind that he customer is always right even when he is wrong.
Glenda Fabillar answered this on Nov 13, 2015 Posted in 6 answers — Last reply 30 months ago

Is this a rare or valuable piece of JFK memorabilia?

I think the envelope can be valuable. But i don't know about the mail from JFK. Because it's look like remake. cmiiw Agen Sbobet Indonesia :)
Indra Muktir answered this on Oct 15, 2015 Posted in 1 answer — Last reply 31 months ago

I am going to buy some furniture for my home from online shop. Is there any other reliable place for online shopping in Europe?

Yes, if you're in North America, you should consider shopping at Emfurn. They ship internationally as well.
Brandi Morgan answered this on Oct 9, 2015 Posted in 3 answers — Last reply 31 months ago

How to avoid getting banned buying wow gold?

How to avoid getting banned buying wow gold To avoid getting banned to buy wow gold, just choose a professional world of warcraft gold and items site like , purchase the fast delivery world of warcraft item name Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger (Level 40) and let me get very soo...
adrew king answered this on Oct 8, 2015 Posted in Gaming & Fantasy Sports2 answers — Last reply 31 months ago

What is the best drugstore brand mascara that not only gives length, but also provides volume?

Any of the Maybelline products work well. I use the waterprrof version in the pink bottle with green cap, let it dry, curl the lashes, then apply the Maybelline Stiletto on top of that. Works amazing!
jennifer sheffer answered this on Sep 2, 2015 Posted in Cosmetics & Makeup2 answers — Last reply 32 months ago


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asked this on Oct 17, 2014 Posted in 0 answers

What do you do about the Blue Screen of Death on a PC?

The Blue Screen of Death comes with an error that looks something like this 0x0000001E something something something that would usually tell you what kernel error it is and what driver is causing the problem as for an 1-2-3 easy step i don't really know there is one, depending what the err...
Julia David answered this on Aug 19, 2015 Posted in Computer Manufacturers2 answers — Last reply 33 months ago

Would you choose a laptop over a NetBook?

A netbook is simply a smaller notebook, that's literally the definition of a netbook. So what happens is, while the netbook is smaller they can't really use the same components they would use for a notebook (because they are too big) so what they do is put lower quality components, which causes the ...
Julia David answered this on Aug 19, 2015 Posted in Computer Manufacturers4 answers — Last reply 33 months ago

Which is is the best Art and Craft store in Bangalore?

STAPLES near <arathahalli junction, opposite of Hometown,Multiplex complex stopping. you will get canvases ,paints etc in Staples.
Julia David answered this on Aug 19, 2015 Posted in 1 answer — Last reply 33 months ago

Can anyone suggest a nice nail care kit for a man?

First of all, you are not going to find any kind of acrylic nails that are in any way masculine... Especially I you really are "a big guy" then you're not even going to find any that will fit your fingers...I you really love this woman and want to please her...then STOP biting them...dip your finger...
Julia David answered this on Aug 19, 2015 Posted in 4 answers — Last reply 33 months ago

Why do nails turn yellow when you constantly use nail polishes?

Yes, wearing nail polish to often can in fact turn your nails yellow. Ways to prevent! 1. If you wear a base coat you can prevent your nails from staining and turning yellow. Base coats can be found at most beauty supply places or were nail polish is sold 2. It is believed that formal...
Julia David answered this on Aug 19, 2015 Posted in 2 answers — Last reply 33 months ago

Why do nails peel and chip off?

I have this problem when my nails are weak. I don't think it's due to dehydration; although it could be vitamin deficiency. In my experience, though - it tends to happen more when I'm stressed, for whatever reason.
Julia David answered this on Aug 19, 2015 Posted in 1 answer — Last reply 33 months ago

Does Potassium Permanganate work for toe fungus?

TOE NAIL FUNGUS:Whatever you do will take a year to grow out. There is now proof, a peer reviewed paper, that Vicks Vapour Rub is effective for toenail fungus. Have to rub it in every night. The real problem is continual re-infection from the fungal spores in socks, bed linen, carpets, etc and ...
Julia David answered this on Aug 19, 2015 Posted in 3 answers — Last reply 33 months ago

What are micronutrients?

Micro nutrients play crucial roles in human nutrition, including the prevention and treatment of various diseases and conditions, as well as the optimization of physical and mental functioning. Understanding micro nutrients is critical for anyone seeking to maintain or improve his or her health.&nbs...
Julia David answered this on Aug 18, 2015 Posted in Supplements & Vitamins3 answers — Last reply 33 months ago

How To Reduce Weight

Here are some changes that you can incorporate into your life now that will take some weight off, and more importantly keep it off. Drink more water Don't drink any soda, even diet soda has a lot of sodium [salt] which will keep water in your body. Eat more fruits and veggies, less pr...
Julia David answered this on Aug 18, 2015 Posted in Supplements & Vitamins4 answers — Last reply 33 months ago

Which Child Safety Software Offers the Best Protection?

This is ok, but it has some drawbacks. It can't control or define the time. For an example, if you want to let you children use the internet for 2 hours, you can't define it. From my point of view, the option is to use Koala Safe. This is really a great solution for confirming safe internet for t...
Alisia Brown answered this on Aug 13, 2015 Posted in Child Safety Software2 answers — Last reply 33 months ago

How do you manage a long distance relationship where communication is very bad?

You can try HelloSpy to handle your relationship. I think so...
Susan Sorour answered this on Jul 30, 2015 Posted in 3 answers — Last reply 33 months ago

Do you tell your coworker that you catch her boyfriend kissing another woman? (You and your coworker are not that close.)

If I really need to tell it out... it means everyone can be told to... Moreover, if you doubt your partner cheat on you, you should use HelloSpy...
Susan Sorour answered this on Jul 30, 2015 Posted in 3 answers — Last reply 33 months ago

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